PowerView® 101

The PowerView PV101 display is a multifunction tool that enables equipment operators to view standard engine and transmission parameters and active/stored trouble codes. The display can show a single or a fourparameter simultaneous display with text descriptions for most common fault conditions. The enhanced alarm indicators have ultra-bright alarm and shutdown LEDs. The PV101-C and PV101-A have many features including:

•Tier 3/Euro Stage III and earlier (PV101-A)
•Tier 4/Euro Stage IV (PV101-C) – Three icons indicating Active Regeneration, Inhibit Regeneration and Diesel Particulate Filter DPF Restricted. Menu offers Auto DPF Regen and Request DPF Regen.
•OEM Menu – A password protected menu offers access to MODBUS Setup, Engine Speed Control ON/OFF and other critical menu items that require restricted access.
•TSC1 (Torque Speed Control) (PV101-C only) – Allows users to set run speed via CAN if supported by engine manufacturer
•Additional 4-Up Screen (PV101-C only) – Allows user to have two 4-Up screens to toggle between. Second user configurable screen is defaulted to show Tier 4 Parameters: DEF Level (Diesel Exhaust Fluid Level), DPF Active Regen Status, Exhaust Filter Outlet Temp and Exhaust Filter Inlet Temp.
•Multiple language options − English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Czech and Russian
•Sender Input − Select between backlight dimmer function or fuel level. Can be calibrated to use non-Murphy fuel senders.
•Service Reminders – Five service reminders allow users to set hours for: Change Engine Oil, Air Filters, Hydraulic Oil, and Service Engine and Service Machine.
•Select Source Address – Select the exact address the PV101 will claim on the bus
•The ability to select CAN bus Data Rate
•PV101-C Configuration Tool (PV101-C only) – PC tool allows users to create, view, edit and download configurations for the PV101
•The PV101-C Display Gages – Compatible with PVA and PVM gages as well as additional J1939 I/O modules
•Displays more than 50 standard SAE J1939 parameters
•Shows helpful troubleshooting description for the supported parameters. Shows SPN, FMI and OC for all faults


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