PIC Appalachia’s mission is to provide control products and services to the natural gas industry for both day-to-day operations and optimization of gas production, midstream, transmission, and distribution facilities.



The very start

Power Ignition was founded in 1974 to provide ignition related support to natural gas compression operations in Alberta, Canada.


Power Ignition & Controls is formed

Spartan Controls (Alberta, CA Emerson LBP) acquired Power Ignition in 2003 forming Power Ignition & Controls as a wholly owned subsidiary of Spartan Controls.


PIC Appalachia comes together

Equipment & Controls, Inc. (PA, OH, WV & MD Emerson LBP) and Spartan Controls formed a joint venture creating PIC Appalachia in late 2011.  Primary focus is natural gas operations in the Appalachian Basin.


PIC Appalachia as an industry leader

Today Power Ignition & Controls continues to lead the industry alongside ECI to provide customers with their natural gas compression needs.