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The Centurion PLUS™ Controller is a custom programmable control and monitoring system. Primarily designed for engine driven compressors, the Centurion™ PLUS is well suited for many control applications such as CNG control, Fire Pump Control, and many industrial control applications. Additionally, Murphy can custom design a control package to meet exact specifications for a variety of other applications. The Centurion PLUS™ continuously monitors input signals and set points and commands outputs to maintain proper operation. When an out-of-limits event occurs, the controller will stop, shutdown, or control equipment to change conditions. The Auto-Start capabilities of the Centurion™ PLUS allows for start/ stop based on parameters such as pressure set points or by digital signals. The Centurion™ PLUS allows for customer valve logic sequencing, purge cycle control, and many other logic applications. The Centurion™ PLUS can also provide complex calculation abilities such as rod load and temperature deviation. The Centurion PLUS™ provides real-time data via communications ports to a connected display and/or supervisory system. This advanced system offers multiple options for remote communications and operation including HMI’s, PLC’s, PC’s, and SCADA systems. The industry standard Modbus® RTU protocol means greater support for a wide variety of communication equipment including radio and satellite communications systems. Other communication options include Modbus TCP/IP, web page hosting, and data logging captured in standard CSV files uploadable through USB port.

Category: FW Murphy
Sub-Category: Controllers

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