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Striking the right air-fuel ratio to support your catalytic converter shouldn’t be that hard. And it’s not — if you choose the right equipment. Compliance Controls’ AFR-1R air-fuel ratio controller is exactly the right choice. It’s pure simplicity at every step — from installation to operation. How simple is it? It doesnt get any simpler. Or any smarter.

•Non-intrusive installation — The AFR-1R operates on an auxiliary fuel line, which can be easily isolated for maintenance, analysis or troubleshooting. SIMPLE!
•Single setpoint — No fine-tuning or tweaking needed. SIMPLE!
•Streamlined navigation — Single-button access to the main functions. SIMPLE! The AFR-1R air-fuel ratio control system is the simplest controller of its type on the market. Enter a single setpoint target, and the system starts controlling the air-fuel mix. This system was designed for pure simplicity.

Category: FW Murphy
Sub-Category: Emissions

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