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IntelliSpark® Ignition Controller System

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The IntelliSpark® 32/16/8 series ignition systems are capacitive discharge, low-tension type designs. The system is capable of generating precise spark timing that improves fuel economy, load balance and ignition stability. The controller design incorporates a state-of-the-art, 16-bit, microcontroller. This technology provides users with a highly flexible solution to meet their ignition needs. The user can choose from one of five methods of crankshaft sensing for a 4-stroke engine and two methods for a 2-stroke engine. The Murphy ignition coils used with this controller are “smart coils” with a sense lead connection for spark plug demand voltage measurements allowing the system to: Measure demand on each cylinder’s plug for diagnostic purposes.
•Automatically control the energy delivered to the smart coils to optimize spark plug life.
•Use the measured demand in the unique “camless” crank method to determine the compression stroke, eliminatingthe need for a camshaft sensor.
Several smart coil designs are available to accommodate specific ignition requirements including, remote mount coils and plug-mounted (integral) coils, non-hazardous or CSA C1, D2 rated versions. This system also includes the Murphy PV-450 full color screen display for control functions, monitoring, programming, and diagnostic testing. The 8 button display includes comprehensive built-in help files and wiring information for the coil harness and a data base of common engines for ease of configuration.

Category: FW Murphy
Sub-Category: Ignition

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