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PowerCore® Intelligent Xpansion™ IX3212 PDM

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The Murphy PowerCore® Intelligent Xpansion™ Power Distribution Module (PDM) expands CAN bus control networks by replacing existing relay and fuse boxes with more reliable solid-state switches that can directly drive work lights, wiper motors, cooling fans, directional DC motors and other high current loads. Each of the 12 IX3212 outputs can switch or proportionally control up to 15 A loads in 2.5 A increments and feature built-in over-current detection and shut-down capability. Outputs are paired to run up to six electric motors with H-bridge direction control. Twelve digital inputs monitor switched battery, ground and floating inputs. Additionally, eight analog inputs are available with a 5V sensor supply. Wiring length is reduced and costs are cut by remotely locating the IX module near loads and signals. The I/O is multiplexed using a CAN bus network which allows engineers to greatly simplify harness design for ease of installation and improved reliability. For applications not requiring a CAN bus controller, the inputs can directly trigger the outputs so there is no need for a separate controller.

Category: Murphy Enovation Controls
Sub-Category: CAN I/O Modlues

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